SRL33 Series Low Frequency Power Inverter (5KW-20KW)

Artículo No.: SRL33 5KW-20KW
SRL33 series DC to AC three-phase inverter combine the most advanced online technology and the latest network communication technology, providing a complete power solution for strict demand applications

1, DC 48/96V to AC 200/220/380/400/415V three phase output

2,Intelligent CPU controlling technology         

3, High efficiency PWM invert technology design

4, Wide input voltage, accurate output     
5,Completely auto stable voltage output

6,High/low voltage and input/output protection    
7, Strong load-taking capacity

8,Pure Sine Wave output,Suitable for all kind of Resistive loads and inductive loads

9, It can work for Single phase and Three phase at the same time   
10,LCD display and buzzer tips 

11,Protection against output short-circuit, overload, over voltage, low voltage alarm/shutdown      

12,Elegant design ,attractive and durabl