SRL-M Series Low Frequency Off Grid Solar Inverter (0.5KW-7KW)

Artículo No.: SRL-M 0.5KW-7KW
SRL-M series (500W-7kW) single-phase solar inverter adopts the most advanced American technology and the latest U.S. network communication technology, providing a complete power solution for strict demand applications

1,  With SPWM technology controlled by CPU, pure sine wave output

2,  Reliable with dynamic current loop control technology

3,  Auto detect and convert 50/60HZ output

4, Applying to capacitive load, inductive load and nonlinear mixed load

5, Strong overload ability, strong resists shocks ability, can start with full load

6, High efficiency, low noise, smokeless, no fire hazard

7, Automatic switch, realize unattended function

8, Communication function: USB interface/SNMP remote control/GSM SMS function

9, AC priority or DC priority selectable

10, Stable performance, more safe and reliable, long service life

11, Perfect protection function: input over/low voltage, overload, short circuit, low battery voltage, over temperature